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  • How to use?
    1. You can press the heart icon for the person you like and you will be able to send a message or virtual gift to make an impression. But you need to verify your identity before you can send messages or gifts. 2. If the person you press the heart, press the heart back. It will be that both of you are in the same mind or Match, you will be able to start a conversation. 3. You will be able to chat with people you matched only 2 people. If you want to talk to a new person, you have to press Unmatched the old person first or if you don't want to Unmatched the old person you are talking to. You can purchase an additional 3000 coins to unlock more chats. 4. You can press X to decline, and pressing X will prevent you from seeing the person's profile. 5. You can press the star to add the profile of the person you are interested in as a Favorite. * However.. you must verify your identity before you can start sending messages *
  • Can't find others using reference number?
    The search can include the name or referral code of the person we are interested in. Or if not available, you can choose to adjust the filter to specify the specification of the person we want to see, such as gender, age range, distance, appearance and others. In case you can't find it, it indicates that.. 1. Your profile does not match the specs set by the profile owner. or 2. Specs you set It may not match the profile of the person you are looking for. For example, your specs say that you like male, but the profile you're searching for is female. The system will not show results in case the profile search does not match the specified specification. Both of the searches that are being searched or being searched for
  • What is PlayQpid score?
    PlayQpid score is the score to reflect a consonance of 2 people. It could help you to easier decide whom you want to start relationship. Since we belive that a good relationship would happen when 2 people could satisfy each other need, not just only one side could. Thus, the score is calculated from 2 parts with the same weight. The first part is Your score - how much your spec matches opposite's profile. The second part is Their score - how much the opposite's spec matches your profile. The maximum point of each part is 5. As a result, the maximum of PlayQpid score would be 10. For example, If you see PlayQpid score as 7, it could mean Your score is 5, but Their score is 2. OR it could mean Your score is 2, but Their score is 5. You can always adjust your profile and spec in My profile menu to ensure PlayQpid score can reflect the consonance as much as possible.
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